Toolbox Compact

The Compact toolbox is light and surprisingly robust.
Compact is a series of compact and ergonomic tool boxes that are surprisingly light and strong. The spacious crate has a two-part lid and an intelligent locking mechanism so that the two parts of the lid are folded down securely along the sides when the crate is opened.
It could hardly be more compact and more practical.
Compact is available in 7 sizes with a multitude of practical accessories.

1. Integrated handles. The cells in the cover allow the handles to be fully integrated.

2. Save space. The cover opens fully and folds sideways.

3. Removable buckets. You can move the removable buckets from one raaco product to another, as needed.

4. Practical drawers. Integrated in the bottom for small parts. Can be compartmentalized with removable buckets.

5. A removable tray. With fixed dividers for small objects and small tools. The removable cups of the storage cases are compatible with the tray.

6. Additional accessories. Strong rubber wheels and a shoulder strap make it easy to carry when loaded.

7. Robust and stable. So sturdy that you can use it like a stepladder.

8. Stackable. The tool case can be closed, locked, stacked and transported safely.