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Cases Carry-Lite LMS

The CarryLite LMS system is a storage system consisting of cases with accessories, shelving units and trolleys for the storage of several cases. This system is versatile, light and robust. CarryLite cases were launched in 1996. They are very famous and very successful, as they are certainly the most versatile and robust storage cases ever made. This explains why the CarryLite case has become the cornerstone of the brand new LMS system.

The CarryLite LMS system is a well thought out system for organizing workshops, assembly lines, maintenance and repair locations or equivalent. It is an extremely user-friendly system for all those who work according to the LEAN / 5S optimized management principles.

About Carry-Lite LMS
All Carry-Lite LMS have a double cover, which allows you to insert a description or presentation of the content, assembly instructions. The Carry-Lite LMS also contains a fixing grid which guarantees that the buckets remain in place once they are correctly fixed in the bottom of the case.

Carry-Lite LMS cases are available in two sizes and two different versions. The two sizes are called 4×8 and 5×10 and are the same height. Both versions are in standard color (blue) and FOD (fluorescent) manufactured in two specific colors (RAL 2005 and RAL 2016) with the addition of fluorescent material for better visibility in darkness in black light (UV). All cases can be supplied with different color ID-tags in order to create a color code on each case and to be able to quickly locate the correct Carry-Lite LMS and its contents.








Benefits :
1. Robust case with compartments made of impact-resistant material. Available in 2 sizes and 3 different colors. The colors red and yellow are made of a fluorescent material for better visibility in dark environments.

2. Red indicator open / closed. Can be locked and secured with a hose clamp.

3. Double cover for document storage.

4. The clip system function makes it easy to fix the buckets in the case and make sure they stay in place.

5. Use tags for better identification of CarryLites and quick access to content. Available in 9 different colors.

6. Possibility of obtaining a custom foam insert for the storage of tools and other accessories, which protects during transport.

7. Storage of several CarryLites in a depot or cart, which gives a quick overview. Made of light aluminum.

8. Use of “BinFlag”, which is an inventory control system for the store.