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Cases Carry-Lite

CARRY-LITE cases are practical and robust suitcases for transport and transport intended for professionals.
The parts are stored in removable buckets which facilitates handling and adaptation to the specific needs of the user.
The case is made of dark blue polypropylene with a polycarbonate cover which combines solidity and transparency for better visibility of the contents. The closure is ensured by two gray slides with locking click. A robust and articulated handle facilitates ergonomics.
CARRY-LITE cases are available in 3 sizes, they are delivered:
empty; the removable cups can be supplied separately with a foam kit: precut foam in which the user makes his own impressions according to standard configurations.

Advantages: Good overview on a daily basis
1. Additional buckets of different dimensions. 20 variants, so that the case can be transformed as needed.

2. Two sizes and three heights. You can complete your Carry-Lite system according to your needs. A simple and precise system.

3. Double cover for a better overview. The double cover allows you to insert a content identification notice.

4. Red color indicator to indicate opening / closing. Indicates if the cover is open. Sealing possibility for each sliding lock.

5. Multi-point reinforcement hinges. High quality solid and durable plastic multi-point hinges to hold the cover.

6. Carry-Lite 150, with additional height. Sold with removable dividers of three different dimensions. Possibility to separate the case into 9 spaces.

7. Make your job easier with a transport case. Mobile storage unit that can carry up to 4 Carry-Lite.

8. Carry-Lite shelves. To be used in the workshop or in your vehicle. Possibility of collecting several Carry-Lite cases where necessary.