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Chamber vaccum machines

For all your needs for vacuum setting in the sectors for medical, food or electronics,
we propose you a vast range of vaccul sealers with chamber, of more or less great capacity.
They fill their role particularly when the air vaccum is a need for questions of conservation or transport (for example in order to prevent fragile parts friction, to reduce volume, etc…)
Method of operation : The product that is to be packaged is loaded into a film pouch and is placed in the vacuum chamber. When the lid has been closed, the air
is withdrawn and a vacuum is created in the chamber and therefore also
in the pouch. The pouch is either sealed with a vacuum or the chamber
is filled with an inert gas to give a modified atmosphere pack.
Application areas : Chamber machines are designed for universal use. Practically anything that fits in a pouch and a vacuum chamber can be packaged.
Vertical vacuumpackaging : machine for vacuum or MAP packaging
of products in stand-up pouches and/or products with special packaging shape requirements (block shapes).
Design details : All the important components are made from stainless steel, cast aluminium or other high-quality materials
-Reliable vacuum pumps supplied by Busch and Rietschle
-Convenient electronic control unit with a program memory for different
-Easily-cleaned and hygienic design, CE and GS mark
-Low-energy machine technology requiring a minimum of resources
-Easy access to all serviceable parts