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Dispensers for shop – Vario range

The VARIO range of dispensers: Convincing in terms of functionality and design
Our system has been completely redesigned and optimized in terms of design and functionality. Its fluid and dynamic shape harmonizes with every modern store layout. New materials and technical improvements make the VARIO system a leading product in terms of ergonomics and safety.
• timeless dynamic design
• convenient one-hand operation thanks to its high stability
• easy roller change thanks to the fold-out pull-out rail and the extended axle support
• spring pull-out rail for constant pressure and flawless pull-out
• standard toothed rail for paper and film
• for rolls of paper and film with a width of 30 to 100 cm and a diameter of 24 cm, maximum 20 kg
• load-bearing elements made of high-quality matt black polyamides

Vario unwinders are available in table, under-table and wall-mounted versions. They can also be positioned vertically.

Their modular design allows them to be coupled with each other as well as with bolduc ribbon dispensers.

Multi-Vario: Versatile and compact You can compose your MULTI-VARIO system yourself using wall dispensers from the VARIO range.

Vario-cut: Cut the films without difficulty and cleanly instead of tearing them off VARIO-CUT – device for cutting plastic sheets and other poorly tearing materials. For rolls up to 100 cm wide and up to 21 cm in diameter.

Vario-Twin-cut: Cutting and pulling out in a single device The VARIO TWIN-CUT is a cutting system for special materials such as long fiber paper, felt and films. A tear-off edge is integrated in the spring cutting module so that the normal paper types can also be torn off. The cutting module, including the tear-off edge, is also available as a separate element and can easily be replaced as a standard device on already existing VARIO reels due to its similar construction. However, the cutting width is reduced by about 20 to 25 cm.

Vario-Pack: We also offer customized solutions based on a modular system that can be equipped with wrapping paper, film, tape and ribbon dispensers at will. In addition, worktops, drawers and utensil holders (for scissors, ribbons, ribbons, etc.) can be completed. The rear side can be used as advertising space or as a merchandise carrier.