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Foam cushioning

We propose a large choice of foam adapted to your particular needs:
– polyethylene or polyurethane foam
– varied colours, black, gray, white, blue, pink…
– varied densities, from flexible to most rigid, for an optimal protection of your harware
– alveolate or squared foams
– anti-static or conducting foams for your products sensitive to the static electricity

Our technics of manufacturing enable to propose you:
– the cutting of all formats to the varied forms
– a neat completion for the presentation cases
– the cutting of special prints
– the moulding of special chocks
– adhesive studs
– angles or sections

Foam Kit : Foam-kit is a whole of foam plates cut out with the shape of our case. It is made up rigid foam, alveolate or squared foam in which you carry out your prints.

Custom cushionning : We carry out a chock especially adapted to your hardware. This chock will effectively protect your sensitive materials during transport, but also will present your tools in an ordered and usefull way within the framework
of marketing or commercial deals.