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Impulse table sealer FLEXI Fermant

The sealers FLEXI Fermant belong to the currently available most powerful table sealing machines on the market. They are compact and very robust. Their power of welding as well as the possibility of modifying it enable them to answer almost any problem of complex film welding including thickest. The quality of materials employed as well as technologies used intend these machines for industries where the environment of work and the qualitative constraints are most difficult.
This welding machine is ideal for an intensive use. Equipped with Bi-active bars (high and low simultaneous heating), it welds perfectly the polyethylene until a thickness of 2 X 400 µm as well as other films and complexes thermoweldable.
Even semi-rigid PVC is welded perfectly making this machine an economic alternative to the High-Frequency welding machines for the small series or the occasional uses.
Do not hesitate to entrust your samples for test to us.
The machine is simply supplied with 220 V the automatic cycle is started by pressure on a pedal. The higher arm is closed automatically, thus releasing the hands of the operator. The heat duration and cooling duration will have been regulated beforehand on a digital control panel which allows an adjustment the tenth of a second, thus ensuring a precise parameter setting of the conditions of welding.
The machine is equipped out of standard:

  • Bi-active bars of welding
  • A flat wire of width 4 mm and length varying between 400 mm and 1200 mm.

All the models can be used verticaly or horizontaly.

New names : Flexi 4 = Fermant 40, Flexi 6 = Fermant 60, Flexi 8 = Fermant 80, Flexi 12 = Fermant 120