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Manual table sealers ref. TS

The TS sealer is ideal for closing plastic bags of low and medium thickness (up to 2 times 150 µm), made of polyethylene, polypropylene or others. Thanks to the retractable safety knife and equipped with the dispenser, it also allows bags to be made from sheath.
Lowering the upper arm triggers an automatic cycle during which the resistance will heat up. The operator keeps the arm in position during the welding time.
The range includes 3 different welding length models under the references TS-210 for 200 mm of welding, TS-310 for 300 mm and TS-410 for 400mm.

Different options are available:
• without retractable safety knife under the references TS-200, TS-300 and TS-400,

• with hot wire welding, to weld and cut polyethylene at the same time, under the references TS-200-C, TS-300-C and TS-400-C,

• stainless steel for your clean rooms and food use.

Available accessories:
WT: Work table
AR: Sheath unwinder