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Plastic pallets

Plastic or wood pallet?

Certainly, plastic pallets are not a cheap alternative to wooden pallets. But plastic pallets have undeniable advantages: they have a constant tare weight, are robust and resistant, have a longer service life than wooden pallets and, with metal reinforcements, they are particularly solid and also suitable for warehouses. high shelving.

Classic plastic pallet
Exceptional resistance thanks to the combination of injection molding and internal metal beams in the length and in the width of the two upper and lower floors.
Standardized dimensions for use without adjustment in all automations and by all standard handling equipment.
Rigidity and dimensional stability ensuring perfect reliability on automatic conveyors or storage racks at great height.
Identification by marking and coding by electronic transponder possible.
Complete range in 800 x 1200 and 1000 x 1200 format, studded, with sole, dynamic load up to 2 tonnes, static load up to 5 tonnes.

Smooth plastic pallet
Robust design for intensive use and long service life:
Smooth exterior shapes encompassing a dense network of internal beams and shock absorbers to absorb fork knocks.
Very rigid structure for minimum bending on fork and rack: rack load 1 ton standard model, 1.4 ton reinforced model.
Guided and well dimensioned entrances, structured soles for use without adjustment on all automations and by all handling machines.
Guaranteed hygiene: smooth anti-fouling forms and easy to clean, material suitable for food contact and inert to humidity and bacteria.
Wide range of 16 models 800 x 1200 mm, 1000 x 1200 mm with 3 or 5 bases, with or without rim or offset rim with smooth solid floor