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Plywood containers RePak

RePak: A foldable shuttle packaging system allows many savings during handling, transport and storage.

When comparing reusable plywood packaging solutions to other materials, such as steel or plastic, consideration must be given to the environmental impact, the capital investment required, the total cost of system (transport, storage and repair costs), ergonomics and worker safety, etc.

Compared to a lost packaging solution, the reusable packaging system Nefab RePak offers significant savings. Nefab plywood containers are extremely economical if your flow of goods is large enough and your distribution points are few.

Advantages of plywood shuttle containers:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Delivered flat, the units are easy to stack and store
  • Excellent product protection
  • Light compared to traditional wooden crates
  • Long life cycle, very robust
  • Perfect for packaging pools
  • Can be returned in one piece

Custom dimensions and options available (handles, doors, surface treatment …)
Compliance with international phytosanitary regulations on wooden packaging for export