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The Shell-Case Hybrid range consists of a box and six cases of thermoformed EVA shells that combine robustness and lightness.
The material consists of 3 layers, on the outside a laminated 600D polyester, EVA cell foam in the center closed and inside a nylon.
Shell-Case is a robust and light system allowing good shock absorption and excellent presentation to protect, transport and present your fragile materials.
The closure is ensured by a zip closure and many options allow you to customize the layout interior.
The Shell-Cases are customizable according to the models by insertion of your logo in the translucent card holder or on the plate integrated into the body of the case. Cursor slider zip closure is also customizable (consult us).
Watch the video presentation of the Shell-Cases.
Watch the video on the use of checkered foam.
Watch the video  on Shell-case accessories.
Watch the video on customization options.