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Standard cardboard boxes, Galia cardboard boxes

Standard cartons, galia cartons: 
Cardboard boxes in single, double or triple wall, using standardized or FEFCO GALIA models. Upon request, our boxes can be certified ESA RESY.

Other standard cartons:
– All FEFCO cardboard boxes: sliding boxes, telescopic boxes, trays, envelopes, glued boxes
– Cardboard plates: simple or grooved formats
– Braces
– Corners, corners, protection angles, etc …

Custom-made boxes:
We offer all special studies in order to produce the packaging best suited to your protection and packaging needs.
Possibility of personalization by printing texts or logos, special cutouts, interior arrangement of the boxes by foam wedges.
Communicate your needs to our sales department, who will provide you with a free personalized quote.