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Standard honeycomb foam sheets

44.00 HT

For your soundproofing, soundproofing or stalling work, we offer gray polyether foam (polyurethane = PU) sheets.

Dimensions of the plates:
2000 mm x 1500 mm, thickness 50mm (heel 20mm + cell 30mm).
Density 30kg / m3, open cell foam.

Guarantee: Our foams do not contain lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybromobiphenyl (PBB), polybromodiphenyl ethers (PBDE), pentabromodiphenyl ether or octabromodiphenyl ether, according to the European Directives 2002/95 / EC (RoHS) and 2003 / 11 /
See the Material Safety Data Sheet (pdf document)

Technical characteristics:
Density: 30kg / m3
Indentation resistance: 170N
Compressive strength: 3.5-4.6 Kpa
Elongation at break: 130%
Breaking strength: 100 Kpa
Tear resistance: 3N / cm
Retentive deformation: 8%
Elasticity or Resiliance: 36%