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Packing sealer Super Magnet Packer ref. SMP 500

This sealer is particularly intended to the users eager to increase the productivity of their operations of bagging. Built on the basis of SMS 500 of which it takes all the electric part: 4 mm flat heating band, system of adjustment of the time of welding and cooling, its conformation mechanical makes a single and powerful instrument of it.
This machine is delivered with a chute stainless produced to your measures and adapted to the width of the used polyethylene tubings. Its 750 mm length makes possible to store up to 10 meters of tubing thickness 50 µm.
The upper arm has a clearance of 185 mm thus making possible to pack particularly bulky objects.
The oversized reception shelf is equipped with an adjustable thrust.
While introducing the parts by the top of the chute, they fall actuating by their weight the plastic film beforehand introduced over the chute.
The height of the reception shelf determines the height of the bag. By lowering the upper arm manually or using a mechanical or pneumatic pedal (options), you start the cycle of welding. The cold wire, placed on the upper jaw, makes possible to cut the bag in only one operation just after welding. The best results are obtained when the thickness of film does not exceed 80 µm.

Options :
-Air: Closing of the arm by a pneumatic jack ordered by a pedal.
-Twin: Double parallel heating bars with retractable safety knife in the higher arm to weld and cut without difficulty of the PE to 2 X 150 µm.

-Dispenser : Dispenser for plastic rolls width from 350 mm to 500 mm.
-Mechanical pedal : mechanical pedal when the two hands of the operator are occupied.