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Waterproof and airtight cases : Drycase

Why risk damaging expensive equipment or instrumentation brittle ?
– Our DRYCASES cases can withstand rough handling even in the harshest environments.
– Combining elaborate design and longevity, our suitcases are manufactured by injection of ABS and reinforcing elements, thus offering excellent impact resistance and a neat presentation.
– Our exclusive blue seal guarantees total tightness, thus protecting the content from attack by water, dust and other contaminating products. Unlike aluminum cases, DRYCASES cases will not be dented or shattered and will not lose their finish.
– DRYCASES have an affordable price and they also convey a quality image highlighting the product transported.
– Custom-made interior foam wedges are available to meet everyone’s specific needs. Standard wedges in the form of pre-cut foam or removable separators, allow you to make modular wedges easily modifiable.
– A pre-equipment for instrumentation stage is available on request and fixed in the suitcase.
– A range of ten dimensions, a variety of colors (standard colors: black, yellow, gray) and a series of accessories make DRYCASES suitcases the number 1 choice for professional users.

Characteristics of DRYCASES
– The DRYCASES suitcases support stacking loads of 900 kg, and falls from a height of 2 meters.
– The thickness of the walls provides excellent protection against vibrations, shocks and scratches.
– The seal resists water, salt spray, dust, sand and certain gases, allowing use in almost any environment.