Zac dispenser – the economic dispenser

The ZAC range, economical gift wrap dispensers Pure functionality
The ZAC system guarantees the functionality you expect from a hose reel:
• simple one-hand operation
• easy roll change thanks to the fold-out pull-out rail
• with toothed rail as standard for paper and film
• for rolls of paper and film with a width of 30 to 100 cm and a diameter of 24 cm, maximum 20 kg
• spring pull-out rail for constant pressure and flawless pull-out

ZAC exists in version to put on table, under-table and wall fixing.

ZAC TWIN-CUT – Cutting and pulling out in one device
The ZAC TWIN-CUT is a cutting system for special materials such as long fiber paper, felt and film.
A tear-off edge is integrated in the spring cutting module so as to also make it available as a separate element and can easily replace a standard device on already existing ZAC reels due to its similar construction. However, the cutting width is reduced by about 20 to 25 cm.

MULTI-ZAC Multi-roll dispenser
• support for max. 9 rolls of 110 mm Ø or 5 rolls of 240 mm Ø
• mobile, 4 guide wheels, with 2 brakes.