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Medical impulse sealer FERMANT 40

An optimal weld must be completely tight to micro-organisms while remaining perfectly peeling and allow easy aseptic extraction of the equipment. This result is obtained by proper sealing temperature and by the crushing force of sealing rods.
In many countries, hospital standards imposes to verify these criteria for all materials packed in bags for sterilization.
On the Medical impulse sealer FERMANT 40, the pressure is ensured by 2 electromagnets that keep the bars closed during the sealing time heating and cooling.
The sealing is ensured by the technique called “impulse” which is the only method of thermoplastics sealing for heating and welding monofilms or complex. Then the cool in press ensures an maximum quality of sealing.
The temperature controler analyses and modules the electric current through the resistance to ensure that temperature will not exceed whatever working conditions. The many programming opportunities allow to adjust the sealing temperature and program the temperature rise following a particular pattern.
For example: preheat, rise of the temperature, set at this level of heating, natural cooling or accelerated cooling ( option by a fluid circulating in the bars and allowing a rapid decline of the temperature), open bars at a preset low temperature.
The tolerance on the temperature actually reached compared to the temperature record is 5%.
This allows the operator to seal tubes and complex bags (Tyvek or paper or aluminum / thermoplastic) for the packaging of instruments and devices to be sterilized in autoclave or by gas.