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Packing workstation Modul 5000 : Attractive and economic

MODUL 5000, the modular workstation, sets new standards in terms of functionality, ergonomics, stability and is distinguished by its internationally confirmed design.
MODUL 5000 adapts instantly to the individual needs of man and his work, with a height adjustment suitable for both sitting and standing work.
On request, the worktop can be adjusted by a crank or motor mechanism. These workstations are, for example, used in multi-shift companies or in workshops for the disabled.

Perfect solution for large shipping services MODUL 5000 offers exemplary flexibility for the configuration of packing centers or packing lines. Thanks to its possibility of extension and complement, it adapts as desired to the varying requirements of the company.
Thanks to the integration of conveyor belts with rollers, it constitutes a perfect interface between the system of the manual work station and the transport technique.

As an option, tables with roller conveyor belts can also be fitted with weighing devices. In this way, it is possible to further optimize the work flow and increase productivity in shipping.
Speed ​​in the management of forces. The packaging table with integrated roller conveyor belt is a real innovation.
Total area 2000 x 880 mm, roller conveyor belt 2000 x 600 mm.
Worktop in galvanized sheet steel 2000 x 265 mm.
Height adjustable from 720 to 1070 mm: manual adjustment in 50 mm steps, continuous adjustment by crank or electric motor.
Optionally available with calibrated digital scale up to 60 kg with separate display.
It goes without saying that this packaging table also has all the other advantages of the extremely variable MODUL 5000.