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Packing workstation System flex

The whole concept of the packing table System FLEX revolves around a single innovation: the H + R profile!
This profile combines the advantages of the modularity of aluminum and the solidity of solid steel which makes the system unique and very innovative. It supports the table top while making it possible to adapt multiple accessories to it and forms the vertical uprights which, thanks to the rack system, make it possible to adapt the accessories to the desired height.
You can easily adapt many elements such as:
– swivel arms
– perforated tool holder panels.
– shelves, shelves, accessory holders, screen holders, keyboard shelves
– drawers, PC supports
– cardboard stores
– lighting systems
– paper cutters, corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap
The table is available in several dimensions: 1200x800mm, 1600x800mm and 2000x800mm.
There are other possibilities available to you for the design of your packing stations, namely the integration of a scale or the tilting of the storage shelves.
All these options only add value to this latest generation table.