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Shock indicators: Shock-Labels

Positioned on the outside of the packaging, Choc-Label lets you know if the package has suffered an unacceptable fall or acceleration. It is above all a deterrent, improves the quality of transport and allows recipients to quickly check for any reservations within the deadlines provided for by law (article L133.3 of the Commercial Code). Associated with the implementation of a “transport quality program”, it makes it possible to significantly reduce claims.
The Shock Label is a shock indicator which reacts to sudden acceleration. A small transparent white glass tube is mounted in the center of an adhesive label. A small capillary filled with colored liquid, maintained by its surface tension, is hidden inside this tube.
If the cardboard falls on the ground or is subjected to an abnormal shock, the liquid moves and immediately colors the central tube from white to red. The proof that a shock has taken place is then made.
Normal transport vibrations do not activate the Choc Label. It reacts only for the intensity of the shock for which it was designed, regardless of the direction of the shock.
The high-performance adhesive label adheres to all surfaces and allows positioning on any type of packaging.