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Vertical automatic packing sealers LV 300, LV 500, LV 560

The system of vertical bagging LV (LV-300, LV-500, LV-560) is the ideal response to your need for productivity in the packaging operations out of plastic bags. Light and compact it has all the functions necessary to the presentation of your parts in plastic bags.
If, for the packaging operation, the mobilization of a full-time operator is not desirable any more, in terms of ergonomics or productivity the use of a vertical packing-sealer machine LV300 or LV500 will be able to answer your most requirements of automation.
Its use is essential in the companies marketing of screws and bolts, the handicaped person intitutions, the plastic injection at exit of press, in furnishing to carry out the kits of assembly, in industry to store in warehouse of the subsets ready to go up. This machine is entirely manufactured and assembled in Switzerland by LAUPER Company.
Its particularly neat and clever design, as well as the quality of the components used and selected, make possible to obtain greatest reliability and guarantee a particularly high service rate while minimizing the requirements as regards maintenance.
The maximum rate of operation of the bag-filling machine from 20 to 25 bags per minutes (1200 to 1500 bags/hour) will enable you to face easily with your requirements of production.
The whole at a particularly low cost.
Investing in a packing system LV is a profitable operation.

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