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Air suction sealers Fermant NC-LH

Everything in one compact device. The difference from the FERMANT NC-LH: all components are accommodated in one housing, including the integrated vacuum pump! The sealing process is conveniently triggered by a foot switch, leaving the hands free for work.

These devices are primarily used for volume reduction of packaged contents. By means of the integrated air suction, bulk goods and electronic or mechanical components for example are protected against undesirable shaking. These devices are also successfully used wherever the volume of a packing needs to be reduced as far as possible.

The FERMANT NC-LH Compact can optionally be used “only” for film sealing without air suction. Simple switch selection suffices for the devices to operate in “seal only” mode.

• Packing of medical instruments
• Packing of injection moulded components
• Long-term, safe storage of important documents, objects d´art and museum pieces etc.
• Packaging of PCB’s and cards as protection against oxidation

The advantages at a glance:
• Universally usable for the most diverse types of film
• Low noise emission of the suction device
• Easy and safe operation of the suction device
• High aspiration power of the suction device
• Films can also be sealed without air suction
• Manual cutting device behind the sealing bars

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