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Breather valves

During air transport, a container loaded in a non-pressurized hold will undergo pressure variations as a function of the movements of the aircraft between sea level and altitude.

The pressure regulation valves thus make it possible to automatically adapt and balance the internal pressure and the external pressure in the container. It is essential that the container is perfectly sealed, which gives the system an additional capacity to protect against humidity (by adding desiccant sachets).

The choice of the valve will depend on the volume of the container: the flow rate (overpressure-outgoing air / depression of incoming air) (in dm3 / s) of the valve must be equal to 12% of the volume in m3 of the container. For larger volumes, several valves must be provided. Our valves are factory set once and for all and require no maintenance. They are made of stainless materials and are fitted with a rubber seal to guarantee watertightness.
Some models have a manual balancing button built into the cover to speed up the airflow.