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Dessicant bags

A whole range of economical and efficient products for protection against humidity during transport and storage. The ambient air contains water vapor. Under the influence of climatic elements, and their variation, this water vapor causes various phenomena, such as:

  • electrochemical corrosion
  • mold
  • hydrolysis of certain products

To avoid these drawbacks, you must pack with desiccant bags. The desiccant bags must be put with the material to be protected in covers with low permeability to water vapor, or in sealed containers. Desiccant bags should be kept in airtight packaging until ready to use. Each time the sample is taken, the attached control card must be checked. DO NOT USE DEHYDRATING BAGS WHEN THE PINK FAT CONTROL BOARD.

Fields of application: spare parts, instruments, electronics, photo and video equipment, optics, pharmaceuticals, food …

Models: Non-woven bags with or without indicators. Tyvec bags, tear-proof, and tested to meet the requirements of clean rooms, or dietary requirements.